Massage Compression | Power Set ($235 Value)


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Maximize benefits of massage compression with this two piece set. Perfect for at home loungewear and outdoor runs under your favorite dress or oversized shirt.

Italian made, graduated compression engineered to manually support lymphatic drainage and blood circulation as your body moves. Proprietary honeycomb weave improves circulation and skin tone, reducing fluid retention by increasing metabolism between blood and tissue. Ease heavy legs and reduce fluid retention. Perfect for travel, exercise recovery, and relief from long hours standing or sitting. 

Italian sizes run small. Size down for more compression (shorter wear time - good for getting ready or workout recovery). Size up for less compression (longer wear time - flights, all day wear). Double size up for sleep. You can purchase multiple sizes for different applications. Massage weave creates rippled marks in the skin that last up to one hour after wear, that means they are working!

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  • — 92% nylon, 8% elastane
  • — Model wears S/M
  • — 25-30mmHg category 2 medical grade
  • — Camisole top with massaging fabric for an effective anti-swelling effect
  • — Breathable fabric with hypoallergenic properties. ideal for recovery, travel, digestive issues, bloating, and movement
  • — Seamless design for maximum comfort and fit - high quality, 100% Made in Italy