Hotel Steffani

Since 1869, the storied Hotel Steffani has stood as a jewel in the heart of St. Moritz, owned through generations by the Märky family. This alpine sanctuary merges Engadin heritage with modern design, offering a warm, familial welcome amidst the world-renowned glamor and snow-draped peaks of the Swiss Alps.


  • Signature

    Body Face

    CHF245 — 60 min CHF325 — 90 min

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    Designed for a complete Ricari experience, employing our full range of tailored treatment methods for revitalization, sculpting and recovery.

    Equal parts relaxing and transformative, the Ricari Signature is our most popular treatment, offering a restorative oasis of wellbeing, beauty and recovery. A high performance combination of draining, firming and remodeling protocols deeply conditions skin and tissue — activating total body and face restoration through gentle yet powerful cellular stimulation. This tech-forward treatment bestows a sculpted silhouette, noticeable glow, and powerful sense of lightness by reducing stagnation, boosting circulation, toning skin, relieving muscle soreness, activating lymphatic drainage and calming the nervous system.

    Icoone | Ballancer Pro | Lyma Laser | Infrared Therapy | Sculptural Face Lifting Massage | Scalp Massage | Muscle Relief Balm

  • Focus


    CHF150 — 45 minCHF165 — 60 minCHF225 — 90 min

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    Give your body undivided attention with this relaxing, focused treatment tailored towards your body-specific needs and goals.

    This focused treatment provides additional time to customize draining, remodeling, and toning protocols to further support your body-specific needs and goals. Renowned for its ability to energize and revitalize connective tissue and skin cells, our Focus treatment restores blood and lymphatic circulation, tones skin, relaxes the nervous system, expedites muscle recovery, and reduces inflammation to support full-body rejuvenation and cellular vitality.

    Icoone | Infrared Therapy | Muscle Relief Balm

  • Rejuvenate


    CHF105 — 30 min CHF195 — 60 min

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    A sculpting treatment that tones, lifts and rejuvenates your facial features while you luxuriate in full-body recovery with pressotherapy.

    Sculpt, lift, and tone facial features while enjoying full body recovery from exercise, injury, joint pain, poor circulation and fluid retention. This tailored Icoone face treatment is amplified by rejuvenating dual LYMA laser stimulation and sculptural lifting massage. Lower body pressotherapy mimics manual draining techniques with rhythmic air compression, boosting whole-body circulation and lymphatic flow to the face.

    Icoone Face | Ballancer Pro | Infrared Therapy | Lyma Laser | Sculptural Face Lifting Massage | Scalp Massage | Muscle Relief Balm

  • Ballancer Pro Pressotherapy


    CHF100 — 25 min

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    The Ballancer®Pro is the safest and most state-of-the-art compression therapy system in the world. Backed by decades of medical studies, this technology is based on the proven principles of manual lymphatic massage. Jump start metabolism, boost immunity, reduce inflammation and joint pain, improve sleep and increase energy levels.

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