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Explore the future of self-care at Ricari Studios. Discover curated treatments, expert guidance, and innovative tools that offer transformative benefits for wellbeing, beauty, and recovery.



Our tech-forward methods reinvigorate cellular vitality, remodel your silhouette, activate lymphatic drainage, and restore optimal function to your body’s natural regenerative systems. Each treatment is tailored to the individual for customized aesthetic and physiological benefits.




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  • "…the Ricari method could be described as a form of lymphatic drainage — but that would be like calling Beyoncé just a singer, or a Tesla just a car."

    — Faith X, Bustle
  • "...Ricari made me feel good in my body in a way I had never felt before. The treatments inspired me to want to take care of myself for the sake of feeling good and being healthy, for myself, not looking good and being thin for other people."

    Rachel D
  • "It’s as if the feeling of release and lightness of the body allows the subconscious the space to expand more fully"

    — Sara M.
  • "I really didn’t know what to expect and can honestly say this experience opened my eyes to new ways of recovery and relaxation."

    Erica A